Fancy Papers

We’re delighted to announce that CommonRoom will be exhibiting our ‘Fancy Papers’ at Tenderbooks in Cecil Court for Christmas. The show will include four wallpapers designed by contemporary artists Goshka MacugaKate OwensJames Ferris and Kate Hawkins. A work by each artist will accompany their wallpaper.

‘Fancy Papers’ was a term adopted by Victorian paper manufacturers who used the phrase to refer to a wide variety of printed patterned papers. While CommonRoom’s papers are ‘fancy’ they are not just decorative. Rooted in a concept, they bridge the gap between high art and low. This show develops that notion with the pairing of artwork and wallpaper.

To coincide with this exhibition, Tenderbooks has commissioned CommonRoom to design a collection of conceptual wrapping paper and cards that will be available to buy in-store and on our website. The ‘Bubble Wrap’ collection by Kate Hawkins plays on the word ‘wrap’ and describes the way in which Fine Art is packed for storage. ‘Bubble Wrap’ attempts to make an artwork from an artwork’s packaging. CommonRoom’s wrapping paper is proudly printed in England on 100% recycled paper. Each sheet measures 50 x 70 cm and weighs 120gsm.

‘Fancy Papers’ opens on 9th December and will coincide with Cecil Court’s late-night Christmas celebrations. The exhibition will run from 10th December – 9th January.

Tenderbooks is a space for independent artist publications and unique contemporary art books. Exhibitions, publication launches, readings and happenings take place regularly.

Opening night: 9th December, 6.30pm-8.30pm. Tenderbooks, No. 6 Cecil Court, London, WC2N 4HE.

Please come and join us for a glass of mulled cider and a mince pie.

Fancy papers for christmas at tenderbooks

‘Back to Front’ Wallpaper by Goshka Macuga with ‘Bubble Wrap’ star


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