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For the London Design Festival 2017, CommonRoom is delighted to launch two new contemporary designs.

Please email info@commonroom.co for samples.


Dressing and Undressing‘ by Kate Hawkins

This wallpaper considers the idea of wallpaper as a room dressing while referencing the controversial love lives of the Bloomsbury group – who were said to live in squares and love in triangles. Inspired by the interiors of Charleston Farmhouse and the creative set that lived there this design at the same time ‘dresses’ and ‘undresses’ a room.

Parlour‘ by Casa Estudio

This wallpaper was developed by Casa Estudio for the new interior of the Parlour at Sketch. Taking influences from both the architecture and decorative details of the 18th Century Conduit Street building, and the fact that in the 1970s Christian Dior’s London atelier was housed there, Parlour ‘pops’ back and forth through time. Its flowers, one of wallpaper’s most enduring and accessible motif’s, are also given the pop treatment here: ‘The idea was to design an interior that would feel comfortable and familiar’ say Casa Estudio. Max Clendinning too, who designed the Dior interiors, believed in designing oases, ‘not with the aim to block the world out, you understand – but rather to create another world within’.