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Collaboration with Corissa Robinson

We believe art and design should go hand in hand with sustainability. We hate the idea of carefully considered pieces going to waste. When we discovered a couple of cushion cover seconds that we could not use (due to an error in the screen printing process) Kate turned to neighbour, Corissa Robinson, for help.

Work in progress photo of artist creating a hand-sewn wallhanging, featuring needles, spools of thread, and scissors

Corissa is a London-based textile and fibre artist whose work stems from a background in graphic design. She explores materials, texture, colour and shape to create unique modern pieces for the home. She was the perfect person to take something unusable and repurpose it into a beautiful work of art.

The original cushion covers - Hold ME.U - were designed by Kate in response to Brexit, to hold you tight in troubled times and inspire a message of connection and kindness in the face of adversity.

When it came to turning the seconds into wallhangings, Corissa said; "Keeping the idea of the hug and considering what everyone had been through over the pandemic, I felt one of them should be cut up and stitched back together. Not exactly how it originally fit, but scarred. It felt appropriate with the constant loom of another lockdown over our heads and more hugs stolen from us. Thus Broken Hand I was created". 

As for the second piece, Corissa said, "I considered this hug to be a misfit but still wanted to evoke its original significance. A damaged hug could be made beautiful again. I used various textures of a similar shade of green to make you look closer and see the details".

All in all, our faulty seconds turned out to be a gift: they created the opportunity for a collaboration between artists, and the result is something truly special. Not only has Corissa breathed life into something that would otherwise have gone to waste, she has symbolically repaired something even more valuable - a sense of human connection.

There is only one of each wallhanging available - meaning these are original, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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