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How to Style Lucky Leaf ~ Large & Small Scale

Often we get asked the following question about our green clover wallpaper, Lucky Leaf: should I go for large or small scale? The real answer is that this is very much down to your personal taste, but we thought we'd take a moment to weigh up the differences and help make the decision a little easier.

This ever-popular contemporary clover leaf wallpaper was painted by artist and CommonRoom founder Kate Hawkins during one of the Covid lockdowns. Kate was at home feeling rather lucky to be alive when the emerald clovers of Lucky Leaf came to life. Today, this design lives on in many homes as a reminder of faith, hope, love and luck.

When Kate first designed Lucky Leaf, it became clear that it would work in both small and large scale. And it's funny how the same print in two different sizes can feel so different. The large scale arguably has a bolder, more contemporary vibe, whilst the small scale is a little daintier with the mood of a historical chintz. We imagine the small scale working well in country cottage bedrooms with pitched ceilings and sloping rafters. The large scale on the other hand has a fresh, airy feel and is maybe more modern.

When deciding, it's always best to start with your room. Where's the light coming from, what needs to work with it, what sort of feel are you trying to achieve? At CommonRoom we can be a little contrary when it comes to scale. We're generally quite drawn to big prints in small spaces and smaller prints in large spaces, but this is just our personal preference. Hopefully these little pointers will help guide you in finding yours!


A cocoon of clovers in this office by Karen Barlow, complemented by vibrant green paintwork.
This harmonious bedroom designed by Sandra Baker @the_idle_hands utilises gorgeous blue paint and a very cosy looking quilt to offset Lucky Leaf.


A Battersea cottage by the team at Fentiman Design, welcoming rustic charm to London. Photographed by Kristy Noble.
An eye-catching hallway in this home designed by Osborne Hodge. Photographed by Anders Gramer.

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