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Bordering on Brilliant

With the bank holiday fast approaching, the time is ripe for redecoration. But we understand that sometimes overhauling a whole room can be a bit of an undertaking - it's not for the faint of heart. Enter: the wallpaper border.

Borders are a relatively inexpensive and easy way to add detail to a room and enliven your space without the need for intensive renovations. The same is true for all kinds of decorative trim. 'When
 you start using them, you'll notice just how easy it is to make a beautiful and truly personal space with embellishments like these,' writes Ellen Finch at Living Etc. If a room is feeling a bit flat, or it just hasn't got that certain special something, installing a wallpaper border can be the cure. It's the perfect bank holiday task to be busying away with.

We thought we'd turn our attention to our Ivy Chaplet border, and some of our favourite recent installs. It's a design that harks back to ancient Greece, where the god Dionysus would enjoy days of revelry, adorned in ivy crowns. It's the perfect design for bringing the spirit of play into your home.

Shop our full border collection here. For more on the potential impact of a decorative trim, check out Living Etc's tips.

Sarah Kirk @godsavethescene's Cotswold countryside cottage. A wonderful use of a muted palette and natural textures with a decorative finish.

Anne at AH Curated's showroom in Denmark mixes colour, pattern and texture in the most pleasing of ways. Spot our Ivy Chaplet running along the top of the wall, offset by lovely paintwork.

Our founder Kate's house utilises Ivy Chaplet as a highlight for the room, drawing the eye upwards to the light blue ceiling. It's the little details and colours that echo one another that bring this room together.

Order your Ivy Chaplet samples here, and drop us a line at info@commonroom.co for help calculating quantity of rolls.


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