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Twin Flower for Spring

Spring has sprung, and we must admit it's a bit of a relief. It seems when the sun comes out and the blossoms on the trees begin to bloom, we realise maybe we've been holding out for the change in seasons a little bit too long. Especially here in London, the levity - brought by brighter mornings, longer days, and exchanging that heavy-duty coat for a favourite jacket - is hard to ignore.

The old saying goes that spring is a time for cleaning out cupboards, dusting off cobwebs and sorting through things to make your space - and mind - feel re-energised. At CommonRoom, we like to take this one step further by re-evaluating our interior design choices. It's time to let imagination take precedence, and consider how to fully throw open the door to new concepts. Be it upcycling a piece of furniture, stripping away old carpet, or investing in a wallpaper you've had your eye on for a while, spring feels like the perfect moment for making the change. And hopefully by the time summer comes around, we'll all be too hot and having too much fun for DIY!

Recently, the team at Osborne Hodge used our wallpaper Twin Flower by illustrator Fee Greening to transform a bathroom. Twin Flower (Linnea borealis) was the favourite plant of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, and is an emblem of Scotland's ancient Caledonian forests, such as the Cairngorms National Park. This wildflower is sadly under threat owing to the culling of its natural habitat - the pine woodland - and the decline in cross-pollinators such as bees, which can be found in Fee's illustration. So, this design exemplifies the necessary regeneration spring brings and the sense of pride we must take in our natural surroundings to keep beautiful species such as Twin Flower alive. In this vein we've pledged to plant a tree for every roll of wallpaper sold, whilst our paper comes exclusively from forests that are FSC certified.

The result of Osborne Hodge's work below is a beautiful bathroom, showing that paintwork plus wallpaper makes for a winning combo. The space seems to capture the essence of spring.

We hope you agree with us that there's no time like the present to take that creative plunge you've been putting off all winter long. And, to get outside and get some sun on your face. Get your samples here.

Photography by Anders Gramer, with thanks to Osborne Hodge.

We hope this gives you some decoration inspiration. We’d love to see how you bring our wallpapers to life in your homes. Tag us on Instagram @commonroom.co or get in touch with images via email to info@commonroom.co.


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