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We're delighted to announce our most recent collaboration with artist Fee Greening, one of the most exciting illustrators working in the UK today. Medieval Magic includes two new wallpapers and two borders which build on her collection from 2020. These new designs bind together medieval heraldry with woodland fairytales. They are as rich in narrative as they are in symbolism - a magic addition to your homes!

 ~ Heraldic ~

Heraldic is hand-drawn using dip pen and ink. Inspired by Medieval manuscripts and all creatures great and small, Fee’s new wallpaper tells fairytales of faraway realms. A series of ancient square knots bind these legends to each other and your walls.


~ Creepy Crawlies ~

Creepy Crawlies is inspired by creatures great and small this medieval trellis is illuminated by a kaleidoscope of butterflies that flutter in and around it’s framework. Interwoven vines offer support and connection, whether you are great, or indeed small. A fable for all.


~ Adder Stripe Border ~

Adder Stripe is hand-drawn using dip pen and ink. Inspired by creatures great and small this twisted bind, made up of an adder and a branch, weaves around your room tying it all together.

~ Harlequin Pearl Border ~

Harlequin Pearl border plays on the theatricality of wallpaper. The diamond patterns, worn by the harlequins of the Italian Commedia dell’arte, are set against the pearls that dressed medieval lords and ladies. Here, Fee creates a new costume for our walls. Harlequin Pearl is also available as a wallpaper.

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