Five Ways to Introduce Wallpaper to Your Home


At CommonRoom, we want to make art and interiors accessible for as many people as possible. And we understand that wallpapering can be a bit of an undertaking, and sometimes feel intimidating.

Wallpaper can hugely impact the look and feel of a room: it’s an extra layer that adds depth, texture and colour. It’s quite theatrical in many ways, and is an alternative to hanging a painting, whilst still putting an artist’s work on display.

If you’re looking for new ways to add pattern to your home, read on to discover our five hacks for dipping your toe into the wallpaper world…

1: Borders

Borders are a brilliant way to bring something special to your space – a relatively small change with potentially big impact. “If you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe or you’re worried you might change your mind, borders are a really cost-effective, easy way of adding pattern,” our founder Kate told Sheerluxe recently.

We recommend pairing a border with a complimentary paint colour. “In my bedroom, I painted the ceiling blue so it feels like you’re looking at the sky,” Kate says. “I then used our Ivy Chaplet border around the cornice and doorway and painted the walls in Farrow & Ball Drop Cloth.”

For something charming and cheerful, check out our Ribbons Wrap You Up Borders in a range of colourways.

2: Dado Rails & Divided Walls

“If you’re trying to save money on wallpaper, it’s often quite a good idea to deliberately add a dado rail so you can paint below and wallpaper above,’ Kate says.

Dividing a wall in two not only adds to the aesthetic, but will halve the costs of wallpapering. This is also an opportunity to go to town with paintwork, experimenting with a shade that brings out the best of your chosen design.

Here, the wonderful Yasamin at Overdale House has used our Climbing Curios in a child’s bedroom – offset by vibrant green paint and blending seamlessly into the mantelpiece and dado rail.

3: Nooks & Crannies

Recently, we’ve seen a move towards feature alcoves, as opposed to the feature wall. Often, alcoves are ignored or hidden, but wallpaper can make a space feel cosy and special.

Nooks and crannies are sometimes the most memorable parts of a home. A reading corner, pantry, attic or office can be brought to life with a beautiful print, and perhaps also offer a little creative escape.

Emma Gurner’s take, using our Stony Point paper, draws the eye to the alcove and offers a pop of colour without a full takeover of the room.

4: The Loo

Another way to use wallpaper without going full steam ahead is to decorate your loo! It’s a great way to nod to a more out-there design if you’re unsure about pulling it off in a bigger space. Plus, it’s something to enjoy while you do your business!

This design by Drawn London makes for a fun and distinctive WC – a lovely combination of painted panelling with our Lioness & Palms in Midday.

5: Behind the Bed

Finally, wallpapering the space around a bed can add a whole new dimension to the room, and cuts costs as an alternative to decorating all four walls. Here, a canopy has been created with Old Oak (Pomona Green/Fawn) behind the headboard, leading up and onto to the ceiling, giving you something to gaze at as you fall asleep.

For more decorating tips and advice, check out our recent article with Sheerluxe.

We hope this has given you some decoration inspiration. We’d love to see how you bring our wallpapers to life in your homes. Tag us on Instagram @commonroom.co or get in touch with images via email to info@commonroom.co.

Words by Alice Ivor


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