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Sol LeWitt was an American conceptual artist who is most famous for his “wall drawings” which he first conceived in the late ‘60’s. The pieces were simple guidelines and geometric patterns painted directly onto gallery walls.

Sol LewitSol Lewitt, Wall Drawing #260, 1976.

Setting himself apart from other artists at the time, LeWitt provided instructions alongside his wall pieces which would guide others in the creation and execution of the works. He did this in the hope that contemporary art would become less elitist, challenging the notion of artworks as singular and rare objects; allowing others to reproduce the works.

Throughout the years LeWitt’s wall drawings have been recreated over one thousand times in an abundance of galleries and exhibitions across the world and even after his death his creations live on. LeWitt wanted to teach us that the concept of his work was the most important aspect; the idea of the work carrying the ability to catalyse an infinite amount of physical recreations. In 1967 LeWitt said, “The idea becomes the machine that makes the art.”

sol lewit

Installation of Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing #260, The Museum of Modern Art, 2008.

Here at CommonRoom we believe that this ethos remains true. Like LeWitt, we aim to make contemporary art accessible to the many rather than the few. Our artists have created works which can be executed time and time again, becoming a part of one’s very own home.

– Fay Sonkin

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  1. George C. September 7, 2022 Reply

    Does anyone know where was the picture taken in 1976? Many thanks!

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