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Paper for Peace ~ British Red Cross DEC Ukraine Appeal

Whilst watching the events unfolding in Ukraine in recent weeks, we've been considering what we might do to help. Wallpaper can seem fairly frivolous at the best of times but never more so than in the midst of a war. Yet if this war and its refugees have taught us anything, it's that home has taken on a whole new meaning. We will never again take shelter, warmth and safety for granted in the same way.

We decided to design a paper for Ukraine based on their national flower, the sunflower, which has come to symbolise resistance in the face of adversity. Paper for Peace represents our respect and admiration for one nation’s bravery in these upsetting times. The Ukrainian word Підніміться translates into English as ‘Stand up’ – we hope this will inspire you to rise like a sunflower and take a stand in solidarity.

This paper is available in two different designs: with and without the Ukrainian text.

100% of profits will be donated to the British Red Cross DEC Ukraine appeal. Find out more about how donations will reach families and communities in Ukraine here.

You can order 10m rolls or samples here.


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