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Ribbons Wrap You Up

WE ARE THRILLED to launch our new collection ~ 'Ribbons Wrap You Up' by artist Susie Green.

Updating and expanding a previous wallpaper design by the artist Susie Green, the 'Ribbons Wrap You Up' collection includes wallpaper in three colourways, coordinating wallpaper borders and cushions. The wallpaper design plays with the idea of wallpaper as interior wrapping paper: the ribbons make a wrapping for a room and/or the person in it.

We wanted to use this opportunity to share with you some behind the scenes inspiration and research images. Initially, when Susie came up with the Ribbons design, she was making lots of artwork with bondage rope. She was looking at ways to tie up the body and was interested in body ornamentation in the broadest sense, both in terms of fetish and fashion. She then started thinking about the design with regards to interiors. Susie was quite strongly influenced by a visit to the Museum of the Home (the Geffrye Museum at the time) and her love of culture and fashion icon Diana Vreeland.

She also cites Elsa Schiaparelli as a major influence after reading her autobiography - 'Shocking Life'. In it she describes the surreal and decadent interior of her shops in Paris. Susie believes that 'Ribbons Wrap you Up' would have looked great in one of her stores (and still would). We have to agree!

 An illustration for Schiaparelli’s perfume ‘Shocking’ by Christian Berard schiaperelli bow [left] / Schiaperelli’s Spring 2021 Couture Collection [right]

The wallpaper is available in three colourways, White, Pink and Green. The border can be used with or without our matching Ribbons wallpaper. With reference to the 80s wallpaper borders of the past, the bow border helps tie a room together. Like the bow on a perfectly wrapped present, it is the finishing touch to any interior.

The square bow cushions, playing on the idea of gift-wrap, are the perfect presents. They are screen printed and hand-finished with a high-quality feather inner. Square cushions are available in two colourways, Pink and Green. Bolster cushions are available in very limited quantities.

'Ribbons Wrap You Up' feels like a frivolous bit of fun in a rather heavy moment when people might actually need something lighter and more carefree. And of course, it's time that borders are given another chance! Susie herself says, 'I think the paper is something to do with dreams of abundance and decadence. Making dream worlds for myself in the face of austerity and recent tough times.'


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